Initiator Crown 2021

Initiator Crown 2021

It was going to be tough running a competition after the tumultuous year we had in 2020 with Covid, but we knew in the right venue and with the right people enforcing the Covid Safe rules and following a strict set of guidelines, we could give everyone a great competition, and we did.

The Initiator Crown could not have been as successful as it was without some key people who made the competition run as smoothly as it did. EVENTS BJJ would like to THANK:

  • Our amazing venue, Netball Central, who go above and beyond in creating a beautiful venue with easy access and very helpful staff. 
  • Our great sponsors; Hyperfly Australia, Rhino Mouthguards and Amazon Power, for their continued support and offering our competitors great products. 
    Martial Arts Tatami Mats for supplying brand new mats, barriers, laptops, tv screens and podium. 
  • The professional team of referees headed by Werique Oliveira who bring order and safety to every match, on every mat. Their commitment and professionalism help create a fair and safe competition for Events BJJ is appreciated. 
  • Our hardworking staff and officials, who continually amaze me with their work ethic, they are the first to arrive and last to leave. They make every competitor feel special while maintaining the rules of the sport. You do an amazing job representing Events BJJ and we couldn’t have run yesterday’s competition without you, we appreciate your service. 
  • Smoothcomp support and staff for helping us run a smooth comp. We started 30 minutes late but finished 15 minutes early! What a great tournament platform. 
  • Our super photographer Shane Jones, One Five Nine Photography who captured some great moments throughout the competition.
  • YOU the competitors and spectators for your patience, especially with the Covid Safe Rules that had to enforced in order to run a safe and fair competition but also in the manner you competed. 

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Kids love competition
Initiator Crown 2021

The first comp of 2021 for Events BJJ and the NSW BJJ League was a great success. Competitors from all the academies and teams in the NSW BJJ League were represented. Competitors, coaches and spectators demonstrated great competition and great sportsmanship

“Winning is not the goal”

“The goal is to achieve the performance to win”

“Winning is the outcome”

– Anthony Perosh
(TP Fight Gym)

The Initiator Crown 2021 was our largest and most successful in the 10+ years we have been established. Everything ran smoothly but of course there were a few minor speed bumps throughout the day. Thanks to the great venue, our staff, officials and patience of the competitors our competition not only went ahead but turned out to be a great day for everyone involved.

We saw some unbelievable talent on display which proves Australia is producing some of the best grapplers in the world.

“TEST YOURSELF and REPRESENT your ACADEMY by COMPETING” and that’s exactly what everyone did in the Initiator Crown 2021. THANK YOU – OBRIGADO ?

Our next comp is 25th July 2021, Events BJJ – THE OCEANIC CHAMPIONSHIP